She Lost Her Leg After Hurricane Katrina. Now, She Spends Her Days Doing Something AMAZING!

Molly the pony was stuck in her barn after Hurricane Katrina with an injured foot. It wound up having to be amputated and then she got fitted with a prosthetic leg. Her adoptive parents, Kaye and Glenn Harris, take such great care of Molly and shower her with love. Molly's affectionate personality is contagious, and her fighting spirit is amazing!

Since she had such a positive attitude, despite everything she had been through, her humans knew they had to put it to good use. Now, Molly uses her spirit to inspire and encourage others to have courage and to never give up. She visits places such as schools, nursing homes, cancer camps, Ronald McDonald House, Children's hospitals, and more!

Source: 3-Legged Pony Teaches ‘NEVER GIVE UP!’ by LifeStyleInspiration on Rumble

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