He Was Missing For Two Years. When They’re Reunited? The Hug Says It All!

Two years ago, this dog named Titan ran away from his family’s backyard in Fresno, California. Unfortunately, he wasn’t wearing a collar and didn’t have a microchip. The family was devastated and searched long and hard for him, but to no avail. But don’t forget that the power of social media is a great thing. Someone spotted Titan and posted pictures of him in a Facebook group called Fresno Lost/Found Pets and Homeless Animals.

Angela Chastain, Titan’s owner, saw the post and immediately arranged a meeting at a nearby hospital parking lot. Their reunion gave me CHILLS! Chastain sprinted across the parking lot to her beloved furbaby, and Titan got excited and wagged his tail; you could tell that he recognized her. He stood up on his hind legs and she lifted him up and gave him a giant hug. Since Titan has been missing, Chastain has gotten more dogs, but she learned her lesson and micro-chipped them this time. This story just shows how crucial it is to microchip your pets!

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