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This Military Dog Hasn’t Seen His Soldier In 2 Years. When They Let Go Of His Leash, Watch!

This war dog, named Django, hasn’t seen his handler, Sheldon Holland, in two years. The two were paired together several years ago in Kandahar, Afghanistan. They worked alongside each other for 18 months and became inseparable. Not only were they partners, they were best friends!

While Holland was finishing his contract with the American K9 unit, he promised Django that they would one day live together in South Africa. Well, finally after two long years, that day has finally come! When Django arrived in South Africa at Johannesburg’s quarantine kennels, Holland was already there waiting for him. As soon as he saw him, his ears perked up and he became so excited. They let go of his leash, and he ran full speed at his best friend. He couldn’t stop giving him kisses and jumping all over him. So heart-warming!

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