He Was Suffering From Severe Pneumonia. They Weren’t Sure If He’d Make It, But Perseverance and Care Did THIS.

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A four-month-old puppy, named Micah, was left at a shelter and suffering with severe pneumonia. If he didn’t get the right treatment, he wouldn’t survive. A shelter advocate turned to the Bill Foundation for help. They immediately brought him to Animal Specialty and Emergency Center in Los Angeles to get the care he needed. He was in poor shape and struggling with every breath he took.

He was put in a special incubator for treatment, and the vets had no idea if it would be enough to heal his very sick lungs. After three days, Micah started to breathe on his own. After just four days, Micah’s progress was unbelievable and he was able to not only leave the incubator, but also leave the hospital! He went to Veterinary Care Center in Hollywood to continue his recovery. On the sixth day, he was outside running around and is now a happy and healthy little pup!

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