When A Dog Looks Like Maggie Did, The Chances Of Getting Adopted Are Slim. That’s Why They Gave Maggie THIS…

This senior dog, named Maggie, was found and brought to an Los Angeles shelter. She is blind in one eye due to cataracts and her fur was extremely matted, causing her a lot of discomfort. It’s difficult for senior shelter dogs to find furever homes, let alone ones who look like a dirty mess, and this is a high-kill shelter, so Maggie was running out of time. Thankfully she was able to get a makeover that ended up saving her life!

Hollywood Grooming came and brought her inside their mobile grooming van to begin her transformation. Since she was matted so badly right down to her skin, the groomer completely shaved her. Then she got bathed to wash all of that filth off. She got her body blow-dried and her face and head scissor-cut, and even got a pretty little pink bow. She even looked so much happier after her grooming. Fortunately, days after her transformation, Maggie was adopted into her furever home!

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