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This Inhumane Practice Kills Foals Hours After Birth So Thoroughbreds Can Be Fed

Victoria Goss, owner of Last Chance Corral, was disturbed to learn about a widespread trend in the thoroughbred breeding industry. In this industry, ‘nurse mare foals’ are only born so that their mothers will then come into milk, and that milk with nourish a thoroughbred baby that will grow up to become a racehorse. The other foals that were born for this purpose, are then tossed aside like trash and usually killed, since they are not needed.

This is a heartbreaking problem, but thankfully people are stepping up to help. Last Chance Corral in Athens, Ohio, is a foundation that takes these horses and helps nurse them to survive to an older age. Once they are healthy and strong enough, they’re adopted by people who will love and care for them for the rest of their lives.

To make people aware of this horrible issue, Last Chance Corral has teamed up with Sue Morrow Productions LLC to produce a documentary called “Born to Die.” The film reveals this cruel secret that some in the thoroughbred breeding industry don’t like to acknowledge or talk about.

Watch a snippet from this documentary below:

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