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This Great Dane Is Jealous Of The New Puppy In The Family. The Way He Shows It Is Paw-Slapping Funny!

As the oldest child, I definitely know what it’s like to feel a little jealousy when your younger sibling is born. I was so used to having mom and dad all to myself for seven years, that when my little brother was born, I felt like I was old news. Of course the baby always gets all the attention, so many older siblings start to feel envious of it.

This huge Great Dane definitely knows the feeling. His human just brought a new puppy into the family, and he doesn’t like it one bit. The woman is standing there holding and petting the puppy and the Great Dane barks. Then he jumps up onto his human, putting his paws over her shoulder, and standing even taller than she is! His human tries to explain that they both can be loved and that he’s being very dramatic. This is too adorable!

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