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The Holidays Are Right Around The Corner…And Who Would Make Better Dinner Guests Than These Cute Little Guys?

These are not your usual holiday dinner guests, but I’d invite them over any day! At the table are 13 dogs and 1 cat, enjoying their holiday meals with human hands. The video starts off with a wide shot of the whole table, showing all of the dogs (and cat) digging right into their meals. Then it focuses on each dinner guest individually, and I promise it will have you laughing!!

Some are trying to steal food off their neighbor’s plate; some have definitely had way too much to drink; one is being rude and texting at the dinner table; one is stashing away utensils down her shirt and then applying makeup; the most well-behaved one is the lonesome kitty who patiently waits for dessert! This is too cute to miss! I would love to have these guys over for dinner!

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