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This Puppy Was Abandoned On The Streets. When They Approach Him, Watch His Paw!

This six-month-old puppy, named Fram, was walking around by himself on a busy road. He seemed to be disoriented and was in need of help. Thankfully, Howl Of A Dog, a non-profit animal rescue organization, spotted him and was able to save him!

They had to be careful when rescuing him because they didn’t want him to get nervous and dart into traffic. They waited it out until the pup felt comfortable with them. An hour later, they were finally able to approach him. They pet him to let him know that they were there to help. He even gave them his paw..he just wanted some love! He was covered with fleas and ticks, and also had demodectic mange, so they brought him to the vet to be treated. He got to feel tons of love and even what it’s like to lie down on a comfy bed! He is healthy and doing great and even made a doggy friend. Now he just needs to find a furever home, which shouldn’t take long because just look at that adorable face!

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