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Saved From A High-Kill Shelter, This Pup Was Too Weak To Get Up. But Keep Your Eyes On Her Tail!

Sally’s Rescue asked The Dog Rescuers if they could foster a miniature poodle named Hope, who was pulled from a high-kill shelter. She was dirty and her fur was matted so badly. Once they shaved her and bathed her, she looked like a brand new dog! She was so tiny and adorable.

She was emaciated and very weak, so she still had a long road to recovery. But although she was neglected, she still wagged her tail. The will to survive and the resiliency that this little dog had is simply amazing! They fed her and gave her lots of love and care. She even got to snuggle up in a big comfy bed! Now she is in a loving furever home and is as happy and healthy as can be! Look at that tail go!

It’s amazing how kind and loving dogs are, despite the rough pasts that they’ve had. All they want is to love and feel love in return!

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