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Only Her Puppies Got Adopted, So She Was Scheduled For Euthanasia. But Fate Had Other Plans…

Daisy and her puppies were picked up by the pound in a city on the Texas coast. Her puppies were all quickly adopted, but Daisy was not. She had heartworm and an old hip injury, and since no one wanted her, she was scheduled to be euthanized. But fate had other things in mind.

Someone rescued Daisy before she would have been euthanized, and drove her three hours to Vet Ranch. At Vet Ranch, they spayed her and treated her for heartworm. Daisy looks so much happier than she did when she first arrived at Vet Ranch! She is so sweet and affectionate. She is now at a foster until she finds her forever home.


Daisy has been adopted and now lives with a loving family in Utah! She’s had a rough life, but now she will feel love and joy for the rest of her years!

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