Have You Ever Seen A Corgi Twerk?

Sometimes I get really sad when I look at the state of the world. There are a lot of bad things going on out there. But then I see things like this, and they brighten my day right up. Seriously, how can you NOT smile at something this adorable and funny?! LOL!

I mean, can this Corgi move or what? ROFL! Miley Cyrus, watch out! This Corgi is the new champ of twerking! This pup even knows when to look at the camera. This guy is boss! WOOF!

Corgis are one of my faves. With their cute-as-a-button, stubby little legs and smiling faces and pointed ears, they’re simply IRRESISTIBLE! They’re impossible not to love! I wish I had one of these little cuties to cuddle and hold during work. Well, okay, maybe not. If I did, I probably would never get ANYTHING done EVER! LOL!

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