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This Puppy Was Found Collapsed On The Street, But Her Tail Never Stopped Wagging!

This puppy was found collapsed on the side of the road, unable to get up on her own. She was extremely emaciated, wounded, and in very poor health. India’s Animal Aid Unlimited came to the rescue and saved this pup, who most likely would’ve died soon after. The most amazing part was that even though she couldn’t get up, her tail was still wagging! Despite what she had been through, she was a very happy dog, and her resiliency and will to live was amazing!

They treated her for canine distemper, a viral disease that dogs can get which causes fever, coughing, and catarrh. This disease is usually fatal, but miraculously the treatments worked well and she was back to eating and walking again after just two weeks! Now this pup is safe at Animal Aid’s sanctuary and will never have to worry about getting that sick ever again. She will always feel loved!

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