You Must Watch This Video To The Very End! The Amazing Transformation Of A Scared Pup Learning To Be Happy Again!

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It is absolutely heartbreaking to see a dog living on the streets, scared and alone. Even more so when they are so scared that even when being rescued, they are too terrified to move. This is the case for a Golden Retriever named Clarabelle. Thankfully Hope For Paws, a rescue organization, did not give up when faced with terrified Clarabelle. It took a lot of coaxing, a lot of patience, and a lot of love before the team from Hope For Paws was able to lure Clarabelle from her hiding place and into safety.

The transformation this video shows of Clarabelle is absolutely amazing. She went from being a terrified pup who was afraid to move, to being happy and bouncing with energy, all with the help of a little love.

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