Taken In As A Stray, Smalls Had A Deformity. But That Didn’t Stop Them From Falling In Love With Him

This adorable cat, named Mouse (and later named Smalls), along with his mom and siblings, was brought to Salt Lake City Kitten Nursery as strays. It was then that staff there discovered that Mouse had a congenital deformity. His front legs were not developing properly, so they put him in foster care.

He adjusted perfectly to his new foster home, and then his bubbly personality started to shine. He is very curious and adventurous and loves playing with boxes (what cat doesn’t?!). Eventually, Mouse was ready for adoption and it didn’t take long before Lana and Curtis Crichton fell in love with him. They brought Mouse home and he fit in great. He was finally HOME! He also got a new name: Smalls. Today, Smalls is a happy and healthy cat and is getting all the love and care in the world!

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