This Dog Was Thrown Out Of A Speeding Car. As His Body Was Healed, So Was His Spirit.

A dog named Buddy was thrown out of a speeding car. He was discovered and immediately taken in by Viktor Larkhill Extreme Rescue. He was in very bad shape and just laid there, without lifting his head. His body was injured, and so was his spirit.

He was treated for Leishmaniasis, a parasitical disease closely linked to his immune system. His wounds were treated, and he was bathed and groomed. Six weeks later, he looked like a whole new dog! After he was fully recovered, Buddy got neutered.

Now he is running around, wagging his tail with a big smile on his face. He is very energetic and you’d never know by looking at him that he was thrown out of a car six weeks earlier. His body has been healed, and so has his spirit!

When Buddy was first brought in to the hospital, it seemed as if he had given up on life. But after receiving love and care, his will to live grew. The hospital staff never gave up on him, and now he is the happiest dog ever!

Watch his amazing recovery and transformation in the video below:

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