They Thought Everyone Had Left The Burning House. When They Got Inside, They Found The Unthinkable.

People aren't the only one's who can be heroes…animals can be too! Firefighters responded to a house fire in Melbourne, Australia. The family got out safely along with one of their dogs, Barney. But the other dog, Leo, was still inside and would not come out. It turns out that he was inside guarding the family’s four kittens who were trapped in the blaze.

By the time the firefighters got to the dog, he was unconscious, but they found him early enough that they were able to give him oxygen and revive him. Thankfully, all four of the kittens are also safe. When back to normal health, Leo was reunited with the kittens and gave them a bunch of licks and kisses. It’s obvious that this pup loves his kitty siblings!

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