This Neglected Horse Was Emaciated And Abandoned…Six Months Later, He Gained Nearly 400 Pounds!

A 4-year-old horse, named Benny, was emaciated and dying. He was brought to Last Stop Horse Rescue, a horse sanctuary, adoption and rehabilitation program in Prentiss, Maine, for abused, starved and neglected horses. He weighed just 562 pounds and was so weak that he couldn’t even stand on his own. From this point on, the staff at LSHR worked hard to get Benny back to a healthy state.

They placed him in a sling hanging from a beam in the barn to get him standing. They gave him small amounts of food to get him to start eating again. Each day that passed, Benny grew stronger and so did his appetite. After two weeks in the sling, he stood on his own for the first time! Six months later, Benny gained almost 400 pounds and was back to being a normal horse. Watch his amazing transformation below:

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