This Senior Dog With A Tumor Spent His Life Behind Bars At A Kill Shelter. When I Saw Him On A Bed, I Cried!

Sadly, Bandit is just one of many dogs who spend their days behind bars at kill shelters, getting fed just enough to survive. They don’t get to play like normal dogs, they don’t receive love, and some have never even felt what it’s like to sleep in a bed. Luckily for Bandit, he gets to live out the rest of his life in his new furever home!

Bandit, a senior dog, was at a kill shelter in Romania and was just rescued last month by Howl Of A Dog, a nonprofit animal rescue organization. Bandit had a large tumor on his leg, causing pain and making it difficult for him to walk. Once rescued, he received surgery to remove it and has since recovered very well from it. Now Bandit gets to live like a normal dog and experience things for the first time that many pups take for granted, like the feeling of soft blankets and rolling around in the grass. I’m so happy that HOAD saved Bandit from such horrible living conditions!

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