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This Baby Wants To Take A Nap On The Dog Bed. What This Doggy Does Is Precious!

OMG! I love moments like these! The amount of love and care this dog has for this baby is so great!

Lea the Rhodesian Ridgeback and Alfred the baby are the best of friends. Alfred really wants to get into Lea’s bed, but he’s struggling to get over the side of it. Lea sees the baby trying to get inside, and then pulls her blanket off as if she’s trying to make more room for Alfred. Then she puts the blanket down and lies on top of it right next to Alfred as she watches him climb into the bed.

It’s like she’s sitting there for encouragement, and it’s so cute that she’s sharing her bed with the baby! Lea is extremely gentle with him, and it’s obvious that these two will grow up and have a very strong bond and great friendship!

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